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Aug 6, 2006

OK, Bad Astro bloggees, it's time for me to shamelessly plug this blog, and ask for a favor or two. It'll be easy, I promise.

It looks like the blog is here to stay on the front page of the site. There have been some issues, and some are still floating around, but most have been resolved. Even Safari users can read the site, though why they use it instead of Firefox is beyond me.

Anyway, if you have a site that links to the BA blog, please update it to point to, and not I'm trying to consolidate the links coming in to here; that helps me rise in the search engines and blog metasites (like Technorati).

Also, if you have a blog, then why not blogroll me? I'm fun, I'm easy, I sometimes launch into unpredictable tirades that tick off half my audience. I have many blogs b'rolled, and I might add more-- if you b'roll me, it's more likely I'll reciprocate. It's not a guarantee, and, really, I probably won't, but I'm asking anyway. When was the last time you saw such raw honesty in a blog? Hmmm?

I still have plans for this blog; I'm far from done tinkering with it. The commenting system needs a major change (in the works!) and some people (<cough> Chris Pirillo <cough>) think the template is boring. Well, they're right. I worked hard on it, but it's a bit rectilinear, don't you think? So I'm thinking of redoing it again. Since WordPress is going to release yet another update soon, I might as well redo the whole thing again. If you see templates you like, link to them in the comments! Chris liked this one, but I think it's too garish. But it might be the right idea. I do need more astro-spaciness on the blog.

So there you go. I'll return to the usual astronomy/skeptical/political/timesinking/cool stuff in the next post.

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