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Blood Fest trailer invites horror fans on a meta-adventure

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Mar 10, 2018, 2:53 PM EST (Updated)

A new kind of chainsaw massacre is coming out of Texas.

Written and directed by Austin film mainstay Owen Egerton and produced by Rooster Teeth, the Austin company behind Lazer Team and all those Red vs. Blue Halo videos back in the early 2000s, Blood Fest is a horror-comedy about a film festival whose terrifying appeal becomes all too real.

Starring the likes of Robbie Kay, Seychelle Gabriel, Jacob Batalon, Barbara Dunkelman, Tate Donovan, Nick Rutherford, Chris Doubek, Rebecca Wagner, and Zachary Levi, the film promises a Cabin in the Woods-like film filled with people who understand a horror movie’s trappings yet still must play along with the game.

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Turns out -- in a twist that Texans and movie fans at large are becoming very familiar with -- the person running the movie’s film festival is actually evil. Now the teenage horror fans have to use their knowledge to survive real monsters, serial killers, and more.

Blood Fest is launching, appropriately and somewhat scarily, at the SXSW Film Festival at Austin’s Stateside Theatre on March 9. Just don’t be surprised if the screening becomes more than audience members bargained for.

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