Bloodshot co-creator visits Sony’s film set, and he likes what he sees

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Oct 30, 2018, 2:34 PM EDT

As the filming of Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot film forges on in South Africa, reports from Sony’s set are making for some very interesting reading, particularly if you’re a fan of the Valiant Comics character as envisioned by creator Bob Layton, who sounds very much on board.  

Layton, Bloodshot co-creator and former editor-in-chief of Valiant, just returned from first-time director Dave Wilson’s South African set, and shared his thoughts about the Neil Moritz (The Fast and Furious) production with Deadline. When asked whether or not Layton was at all concerned about the many varying tones, characters, and continuity of Moritz and Diesel’s F&F franchise, the artist/writer/editor blew up any notion of such a thing, like nitrous in a Dodge Challenger. 

“It’s the opposite of concerning – it’s a great thing and definitely a coup for Valiant’s first feature. Dinesh [producer and former Valiant principal Dinesh Shamdasani] involved me, early on, in the development process as a co-founder of the Valiant Universe,” said Layton. “And I’ve seen firsthand just how closely he and Valiant shepherded this film along the way. This is the film we’ve always wanted to make and there’s a great team involved in every facet.”

In fact, Layton says that Valiant has been looking at a Hollywood adaptation of Bloodshot since the ‘90s, and only since Diesel and Moritz came on board did they know they had “a team capable of doing justice to the character.” 

And after meeting with director Wilson, Layton offered further hope for Bloodshot fans that the film will honor its beloved source:  “I really have to sing the praises of Dave Wilson. He is an amazingly humble man. With [Bloodshot co-creator] Kevin VanHook and I, Wilson was incredibly conscientious towards us, allowing more access to the shoot than any other director I’ve worked with. He was so excited to meet us, very concerned that we approved of what he was doing. That’s rare behavior from a director. To find that they actually give a damn about the original source material? That was incredibly refreshing.”

Layton went on to detail a number of exciting aspects of the shoot, particularly the way the superhero differs from anything you’ll find on the big screen from DC or Marvel. “The team making the Bloodshot film has never set out to make a ‘superhero movie,’ per se,” said Layton. “This film is going to have much more in common with action/sci-fi films like Total Recall and Robocop than it does X-Men or Deadpool.”

Check out the interesting long-read over at Deadline, then let us know if you’ll be onboard Feb. 21, 2020 when Diesel brings the amnesic cyborg assassin to life, alongside co-stars Sam Heughan, Eiza González, Toby Kebbell, and Guy Pearce.

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