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NYCC drops details on Bloodshot movie and the latest on a Valiant Cinematic Universe

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Oct 3, 2019, 5:09 PM EDT (Updated)

The Bloodshot movie doesn't hit theaters for several months, but producers managed to dole out a few tidbits about the highly guarded project at New York Comic Con on Thursday. Though the film doesn't have an official presence at the convention (other than a sneak peak at an action figure), executives from Hivemind, the production company that developed the film for Sony, were on hand to discuss their growing empire of genre projects.

"We wrapped principal photography, we have an edit, visual effects are well underway," said Dinesh Shamdasani, cofounder of Hivemind, and the former CEO at Valiant Entertainment, which publishes the Bloodshot comics. "There's a locked trailer that's coming. We're just at the tail end of finishing, tweaking things, making it cool."

And when might that trailer be coming? "Before the end of the year," Shamdasani said, before adding. "I shouldn't say, Sony will kill me, but I highly recommend everyone watch Terminator: Dark Fate." That film comes out on November 1.

Bloodshot, which opens February 21, 2020, is directed by Dave Wilson and stars Vin Diesel as the title character, a nanite-powered super-soldier. Though the comic is high on action and adventure, Shamdasani and Hivemind cofounder Jason F. Brown were eager to emphasize the character-driven elements of the film. "It's a $100 million movie, it's not a $300 million movie," Shamdasani said. "We're not competing with Marvel in spectacle, we’re competing with Marvel, and hopefully outdoing them — which is a big statement I know — in terms of character and emotion."

The movie will not, however, be a springboard to a so-called Valiant Cinematic Universe. The recent news that the Harbinger film is moving from Sony to Paramount, signaled that the publisher's various characters are unlikely to unite on screen. "Unfortunately Valiant has its own plans, different management system now," Shamdasani said, all but hammering a nail in that coffin. "That's all off the table. There's a Bloodshot film. If it's a success we get to make more. There's a Bloodshot world, but the rest is up to Valiant, and I think it will be unlikely for that to happen."

Hivemind's other TV and film projects include The Expanse and upcoming adaptations of The Witcher, Final Fantasy and Gideon Falls.

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