Bloody awesome Walking Dead cake too disgusting (and cute) to eat

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Dec 17, 2012

We're not sure what it is about zombies that makes people want to plaster them on cakes, but we definitely love the results. First we saw a master baker's take on The Walking Dead, and now an amateur steps up to the plate with this gruesome, action-packed birthday cake featuring the cast in the midst of a zombie brawl.

This gruesome treat comes courtesy of a poster on the RPF forums who calls herself Maelina.

"Every year for my husband's birthday (Gorgot3000 on this forum, the Dark Helmet dude lol), I make him a special cake. And this year I decided to bring the challenge up a notch (yeah right)! I wanted to make everything out of sugar and cake, everything edible. So all I used was Cake, Sugar paste, fondant and food coloring."

The result of Maelina's quest to make a completely edible and completely horrific birthday surprise for her husband is a scene right out of Robert Kirkman's dreams. Rick, Andrea and Daryl take a stand on top of Dale's Winnebago, firing down into the zombie horde while Carl takes aim from a nearby truck and Glenn goes to work with an ax.

While the wide-angle photos of this masterpiece make it clear that some awesome zombie carnage is happening, the close-ups of the characters are strangely adorable. We love looking at them so much we almost wish Maelina would take her skills and put them to work on a Walking Dead claymation holiday special.

Check out the photos below, and for even more head over to Maelina's Flickr page.

(The RPF via TechnaBob)