Bloody new Evil Dead footage shows all the (very!) gory details

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Mar 25, 2013, 12:32 PM EDT (Updated)

In the modern world of CGI, it’s not often you see a movie spend the brunt of its effects budget on practical effects and buckets of fake blood. But Evil Dead isn’t a franchise born of the modern world.

With the upcoming reboot, director Fede Alvarez has stayed true to the horror classic’s roots, as established by Sam Raimi. Several minutes of new behind-the-scenes footage have been released, showing the painstaking detail that has gone into creating an old-school horror movie for 2013.

If nothing else, it seems Alvarez has borrowed Raimi’s penchant for fake blood (and lots of it) with this updated version. The thing that stands out the most from these new shots is the classic approach to the effects work. 

This movie looks like it’ll be really bad in a really good way.

Check out the footage below: (Via Comic Book Movie)

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