Bloody new Texas Chainsaw 3D clip explains Leatherface's return

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

There have been a number of sequels to Tobe Hooper's original scarefest, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre but, despite the many attempts, there has never been a true successor. Could Texas Chainsaw 3D be the film to change all that?

Described as a direct sequel to the original Massacre, Texas Chainsaw 3D is looking to explain, through flashback, exactly what happened at the end of the original film and why it makes sense for Leatherface to make his gory return.

To put it simply, look no further than co-star Tania Raymonde's description:

"It's just like a really frickin' scary movie. Some dude in a mask made of human skin chasing you with a chainsaw? That's scary to anyone -- that's scary to people who've seen the original, and it's scary to people who've never heard of 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre.' So I think it's universally going to freak people out."
Check out the clip below for more details from the actors themselves and a few glimpses of footage from the film:

(via MTV News)