Bloody new Vikings trailer aims to seduce Game of Thrones fans

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Jan 26, 2013, 5:19 AM EST (Updated)

Life without Game of Thrones is hard, but the History Channel is hoping it's got the cure for what ails you.

On March 3, History will be launching its first scripted series, Vikings, which it's hoping will be all the drama and intrigue you've hoped for.  Based around Norse legendary hero Ragnar Lothbrok, the series co-stars veteran actor Gabriel Byrne and looks to be telling the tale of Lothbrok's rise to power as King of the Vikings.  The series proper promises to tell the tell of Lothbrok, his brothers and their lust for conquest.  That means plenty of Norse mythology and probably a fair helping of violence and deceit as well.

Lothbrok is a cool character to build a series around.  He believed (or at least claimed to believe) that he was the son of Odin and spent quite a lot of time cutting a bloody swath through France.  Not exactly the most moral of heroes, but exciting nontheless.  Check out the first teaser and let us know if you think you'll take a look.

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