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Jun 6, 2008

Jeff Medkeff is an astronomer who blogs at Blue Collar Scientist. I've known him a few years and he's a good guy: astronomer, asteroid hunter, skeptic, and writer. He's also just friendly and cool.

He's also very ill. He hasn't been blogging much lately, and today we all found out why: he has two tumors in his liver.

His prognosis is unclear at the moment. Next week he'll be going to a liver specialist in Washington, one of the best in the world, so after that we'll have more information.

He hasn't been writing lately because he's lacked the energy, not surprisingly. But I suspect it would cheer him up to get some comments on his blog, so if you read his stuff (and even if you don't) why not head over there and drop him a line? Don't pray for him -- it's pretty clear he wouldn't want that and in fact would actively campaign against it -- but knowing others care is a mood lifter, and scientifically speaking that can add strength to the body's health. So please go send some scientific support to a guy who could really use some right now.

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