Bob May, Lost in Space's Robot, is dead at 69

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Bob May, who wore the robot's suit in the hit 1960s television show Lost in Space, has died in Lancaster, Calif., the Associated Press reported. He was 69.

May died Sunday of congestive heart failure, his daughter, Deborah May, told the AP.

May was a veteran actor and stuntman who had appeared in movies, on TV shows and on the vaudeville stage when he was tapped by Lost in Space creator Irwin Allen to play the Robinson family's loyal metal sidekick in the series, which debuted in 1965.

Although May didn't provide the robot's distinctive voice (that was done by announcer Dick Tufeld), he developed a following of fans who sought him out at memorabilia shows.

May's robot was the Robinson family's loyal sidekick, warning them of approaching disaster at every turn. His line to one of the children, "Danger, Will Robinson," became a national catch phrase.

In addition to his long-running role as the robot, May also appeared in numerous TV series, including a turn as Adolf Hitler in the 1960s show Time Tunnel, and also performed stunt work in the 1963 version of The Nutty Professor.

May's survivors include his wife Judith; his daughter; his son, Martin; and four grandchildren.