The Boba Fett rumor that might rewrite Star Wars

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Jan 17, 2014

So there's been a lot of talk about Boba's future in the Star Wars universe -- how he'll fit into the next movies, whether he's getting a spinoff. But the latest rumor? Wow. 

So, in terms of non-major characters in the original trilogy, it's probably safe to say that Boba is one of the favorites, if not THE favorite. H's got a cool outfit and a sweet ride, and he kills for pay. All in all, he's a guilty-pleasure fantasy whether you want to be him or be with him (or a bit of both).

Abrams and company definitely aren't going to mess with that, right? He's just gonna be exactly the same guy, with the same backstory, right? Right?

Well, it's like this -- apparently Lawrence Kasdan is the man who's deciding on the Boba, and the not-so hush-hush is that Kasdan hates the prequels. A lot. Word on the street is that the Boba we thought we knew isn't actually the son of Jango "Look at all my clones, ma" Fett, but, rather, is a stranger who killed and took Boba's armor.

Basically, Kasdan wants to set up a sort of Man-With-No-Name western-style story. That way, you re-establish the way things used to be pre-prequel, with Boba's identity going back into the shadows and a world of potential for a new character.

There's good and bad. Hard to take a stance, really. Yes, those prequels are near-universally loathed. But is more retconning the answer?

How does this rumor sit with you? Are you ready to meet a whole new Boba Fett?

(via Latino Review)

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