Bobby Canavale on why we can expect Guardians-style laughs from Ant-Man

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Mar 2, 2015, 6:28 PM EST

Actor Bobby Cannavale (Boardwalk Empire), who has a role in Marvel’s upcoming summer tentpole Ant-Man, has been making the rounds for his new film Danny Collins. Of course, the round-table interview veered into full-on Marvel territory where the actor revealed how Ant-Man will bring on the funny (and be more like Guardians of the Galaxy) thanks to the movie’s leading man, actor Paul Rudd, who plays Scott Lang. Here's what Cannavale said:

“It’s pretty funny. I think so. I haven’t seen anything but it felt funny. It’s Paul, so I think they’re not hiring Paul Rudd to be The Winter Soldier. It’s going to have a sense of levity to it, like Guardians. Guardians is a blue chips superhero movie but it’s a pretty funny film. They just got the right people. When I looked around and saw who I was surrounded by, Corey Stoll, actors I’ve seen for years in little movies that I really liked, it just felt like I belong here.”

Cannavale plays Paxton, a brand-new character with apparently no roots in the Marvel Comics. Although we don't know much about him, the actor did reveal that he had to do some action scenes in front of a blue screen:

“Then of course you have those big scenes. I spend so much time in front of a blue screen and that was just a trip for me. I’m not used to that kind of thing, but it was a really good combination of bringing a real off the cuff sensibility to a big huge action movie that was really fun.”

He also talked about the fantastic cast, which includes legendary actor Michael Douglas (in the role of original Ant-Man Hank Pym), Evangeline Lilly, Michael Pena, Judy Greer, Hayley Atwell (who is back as Peggy Carter) and John Slattery (Iron Man 2) reprising his role as the older Howard Stark:

“That was a really cool experience because as big as that movie is, and as really as big a production as that was, the actual work in the scenes were really fun. It felt like we were on an indie film. Rudd’s one of my oldest friends so most of our scenes are together, me and Paul and Judy Greer. Both those actors are really good improvisors. Adam McKay and Paul did a big rewrite on that script, so the scenes themselves felt like an indie film. It really felt like a comedy that we were doing. I think that probably happened because Guardians of the Galaxy was such a success. So it didn’t feel like I was working on a really serious superhero movie. It didn’t feel like Thor or something.”

What do you guys think about Bobby Cannavale’s comments that Ant-Man will be more of a comedy along the lines of Guardians of the Galaxy thanks to star Paul Rudd? Do you think it’s the perfect tone for a comic book movie starring a superhero who gets tiny?

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