Bobcat Goldthwait looks to make Monsters and Misfits a satirical Twilight Zone

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Jan 12, 2018, 6:07 PM EST (Updated)

Genre-angled anthology series are back in a big way, with Black Mirror just completing a strong fourth season and buzz already mounting for Amazon’s sci-fi anthology Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams. Now TruTV is entering the fold with Bobcat Goldthwait’s Misfits and Monsters, albeit with a bit more of the creator's penchant for dark comedy.

At this afternoon's Turner TCA 2018 panel, Goldthwait discussed his upcoming series’ place in the grand tradition of anthologies, and the decidedly twisted tales it will spin. With the obvious question first, he admitted that the new fantasy satire will take its cues from the grandaddy of all anthology series.

"Twilight Zone influenced this the most. I say it’s dark [in my head], which I guess it is, but my head is darker than the stories I tell," said Goldtwait. "The show is similar in tone, with seven independent films I’ve directed."

But the other panelists -- stars Bridget Everett, Danny Pudi, and Seth Green -- quickly highlighted the show’s humor, too. “I like satire versus obvious comedy,” Goldthwait added. And the cast's description of their individual episodes certainly bolsters that statement.


Everett describes her mermaid-based, The Shape of Water-like episode as “a fetish I didn’t know I had,” saying that she’s “more of an Ursula than an Ariel.”

Pudi explains his episode as “Cape Fear with a Roomba,” then reiterating the theme of Black Mirror by commenting that “technology is attacking me and taking over my life.”

Rounding out some of the other episodes is one with a presidential werewolf and a sexually harassing animated chimp.These wild ideas will work best in this quirky, fast-paced format because, Goldthwait admits, he’s “bad at writing second acts.”

However, when these parodic pieces of black humor hit their stride, presumably later this year, Bobcat Goldthwait’s Misfits and Monsters' satire won’t need to stick around longer than half an hour to bite. Will you be watching?