Bofur! Bombur! Bifur! 1st look at 3 more dwarves from The Hobbit

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Krystal Clark
Dec 15, 2012

The Hobbit just won't let up! Yesterday we got a double dose of dwarves with Fili and Kili, and today Bofur, Bombur and Bifur have come out to play. It's like they're adventure-seeking dwarves by day and models by night.

The latest photo shows Stephen Hunter as Bombur, James Nesbitt as Bofur and William Kircher as Bifur. The two brothers join forces with their cousin on the Quest for the Lonely Mountain. Even though they're in it for money, booze, money and more booze, they aren't complete bums. They come from a long line of hard-working miners and laborers. Don't let their looks fool you.

Once again, this photo proves how amazing Peter Jackson's costume department is. The weapons, the hair and their clothes all work wonders for the characters. At this point, we need an official poster. The wait is killing us!

What do you think of the first photo of Bofur, Bombur and Bifur? Is it everything you hoped for and more?

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opens on Dec. 14, 2012.

(via IGN)

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