Boldly watch this epic Star Wars vs Star Trek trailer set in a galaxy far, far away

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Feb 6, 2015, 4:48 PM EST (Updated)

YouTube user Alex Luthor has created one of the most epic video mashups we’ve ever seen by pitting the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise (and Starfleet) against the might of the Empire and its Death Star.

The Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate has been going on for decades, with Trekkies and ardent Star Wars fans getting their geek rage on and coming to blows on the Internet (and elsewhere) about which franchise is the VERY BEST ONE. Here, we say that there's enough space for both sci-fi fanchises in our bigger-on-the-inside (oops, wrong franchise) geeky hearts. 

But back to the video. The very talented Luthor (no relation) used the rebooted Star Trek flicks and mixed in some footage from a variety of Star Wars films (including the originals and the prequels) and videogames in order to create this seamless, glorious fake movie trailer.

Have a look at what happens when Star Wars and Star Trek finally clash:

Which side of the galaxy are you on? 

(via Radio Times)