Bond's boss visits Belfast in preview for Dynamite's James Bond: M one-shot

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Feb 18, 2018, 1:46 PM EST

James Bond's official superior at MI6, code-named M, was first introduced in Ian Fleming's 1953 superspy novel Casino Royale.

The calculating Minister of the Secret Intelligence Service has been depicted by a wide range of actors in the history of 007 flicks, including Bernard Lee, Robert Brown, Judi Dench, and most recently Ralph Fiennes.


Though never specified aloud in the Hollywood films, Fleming's last novel, The Man With the Golden Gun, revealed that M's true name is Vice Admiral Sir Miles Messervy. Another theory speculates that it's based on the first real-life chief of Her Majesty's Secret Service, Mansfield Smith-Cumming, who often used the initial "C" to sign official documents.

James Bond: M is an intriguing new one-shot from Dynamite that delves into the backstory of M and shines a light onto a dark deed from his past. Written by Declan Shalvey and matched with art by PJ Holden & Dearbhla Kelly, this private mission to Belfast, Ireland, to mop up some unfinished business tells a tight, captivating tale of espionage and its debilitating effects on its players.


Here's the official solicitation synopsis:

James Bond’s superior, code-named M, scrambles MI6’s secret agents across the globe. Sometimes, he knowingly sends them to their deaths, for the greater good. But a traumatic event from M’s early days in the field returns to haunt him, forcing M to return to the scene of a crime…HIS crime.

An exhilarating spy standalone from superstar DECLAN SHALVEY (Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan, All Star Batman) and PJ HOLDEN (2000 AD, Judge Dredd).

Strike out for the Emerald Isle in our five-page peek at Dynamite's James Bond: M and tell us if you'll follow the Minister on his covert trip when this solo-shot lands February 21.