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Bonkers six-page peek at the insanity to come in Dark Nights: Metal #2

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Sep 12, 2017

SPOILER WARNING: Dark Nights: Metal spoliers in plain sight below!

Scott "Doom Commander" Snyder and Greg "Pain Bringer" Capullo's Dark Nights: Metal is flowing into its second issue, with more lost tribes of the Bat, more phantom frequencies, more Hawkman, more Nth Metal pouring into this world from an evil multiverse, more Barbatos, and a dark army of evil Batmen about to flood mankind with nameless horrors.

The first issue of this epic, 50,000-year-spanning arc dropped on Aug. 16 and, though often heavy on the exposition and overexplanations of a grim future on the horizon, it's still Snyder and Capullo operating on all cylinders, and obviously having a blast.

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Though planned as a six-issue mini-series, there will be a seventh book titled Batman: Lost following issue #3. It will act as a sort of intermission and a brief break for Capullo, as artists Doug Mahnke, Yanick Paquette, and Jorge Jimenez step in for the interlude, before the story arc ramps up for the monumental finale.

Snyder chatted with Newsarama on the "bonkers" plot about to unfold, starting with Dark Nights: Metal #2:

"Issue #2 is where the full scope of the story begins to be revealed. Issue #1 was a lot of set-up, but we also wanted it to announce the tone as something that was particular to Greg, and meant to be something that was meant to build on the past but going into territory where we were just going to be explosively new with all of our stuff.

"But Metal #2 is where the story really gets going. It's where everything breaks open and breaks loose. The bad guys get here. It definitely is way more bonkers than issue #1. And to me, the series honestly gets better issue by issue. Both me and Greg, I think, with issue #1, were scared and nervous."

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Check out a six-page preview plus covers in the gallery below, and let us know if you've been properly warned for Dark Nights: Metal #2 when it invades comic shops tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept. 13.

(via Newsarama)


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