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Aug 5, 2008
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It's nice to know that while science is increasingly under attack here in the States, other countries are embracing it. If you're in Australia, be aware that August 16 - 24 is National Science Week. There are lots of events planned, including touring lectures by scientists -- and I see my friend and fellow skeptic Michael Shermer is giving some talks Down Under too (I'd be jealous -- I love Oz -- but I'll be in the Galapagos that week having science adventures myself).

Gail Miller, an Aussie skeptic whom I met at the last Amazing Meeting skeptic conference in Vegas, pointed this science celebration out to me. She is the producer of a show called The Man in the Lab Coat, a comedic look at science. Ben MacKenzie, the titular Man, is taking his show to schools across Australia to show kids that science is cool and funny. I happen to agree. So if you're an Australian, or happen to be down there that week, do something sciencey. Vaporise (note the spelling) a kangaroo and try to measure the chemical energy content. Watch Richard Saunders skeptify "psychics" on The One. Flush a toilet and see if the water spins backwards. Watch me use a Mintie of science!

Or just go out and take a look at reality the way it is. You have lots of that in Australia too.