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Aug 5, 2008

It's nice to know that while science is increasingly under attack here in the States, other countries are embracing it. If you're in Australia, be aware that August 16 - 24 is National Science Week. There are lots of events planned, including touring lectures by scientists -- and I see my friend and fellow skeptic Michael Shermer is giving some talks Down Under too (I'd be jealous -- I love Oz -- but I'll be in the Galapagos that week having science adventures myself).

Gail Miller, an Aussie skeptic whom I met at the last Amazing Meeting skeptic conference in Vegas, pointed this science celebration out to me. She is the producer of a show called The Man in the Lab Coat, a comedic look at science. Ben MacKenzie, the titular Man, is taking his show to schools across Australia to show kids that science is cool and funny. I happen to agree. So if you're an Australian, or happen to be down there that week, do something sciencey. Vaporise (note the spelling) a kangaroo and try to measure the chemical energy content. Watch Richard Saunders skeptify "psychics" on The One. Flush a toilet and see if the water spins backwards. Watch me use a Mintie of science!

Or just go out and take a look at reality the way it is. You have lots of that in Australia too.

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