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Apr 7, 2008

Just a little update on Death from the Skies! I got the laid-out version last week; a hard copy that is printed the same way it will be when it's in book form. It has pictures and everything! Very cool.

I'm going through it looking for mistakes. Even after so many eyes have been on it, there are still some, since it had to be converted from copy-edited version to galley proof (which means transcription errors). My favorite is when a exponent gets un-superscripted, so, for example, 1020 becomes 1020. That makes me laugh, since it changes the number a wee bit.

Anyway, I'm going through the last chapter now, and even though I have now read this book like five times, I'm still enjoying reading it. That means everyone else will worship it and it will sell a bazillion copies. Right?


Anyway, I'll be done soon, and then there won't be much left for me to do with it except wait patiently for it to come out in October.

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