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Dec 14, 2012

Ever visited Expedia or Travelocity in order to snag a discount flight? London, the Bahamas, whatever your choice for an exotic destination, aggregator travel sites have what you're looking for. Now one of the newer sites, Kayak, lists an even more exotic destination: space.

According to Mashable:

Here's a fun little Easter Egg: By entering the airport code for Spaceport America into the "From" field on, and 50m (the number of miles at which the thermosphere starts) into the "To" field, you can uncover flights into space.

Let me explain this to you clearly, since I know you're dying to fork over $200,000 and get anti-gravitational: 1). Enter "90n" (the Spaceport America airport code) into "From," 2). Enter "50m" into "To," 3). Make your departure and arrival days the same, 4). Choose "first" class (naturally), 5). Hit "Search." Viola! You're ready tobook! (Granted, you are just booking for now -- space trips have yet to begin.)

Note: Make sure the "m" and "n" are lowercase when you're filling in the "To" and "From" fields.

Unlike Zero Gravity Corporation's modified Boeing 727-200 (also known as the "vomit comet"), which lets passengers experience weightlessness through parabolic flights, Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo will take up to six passengers beyond the edge of space: Space, technically, is a mere 62 miles above us, while the Scaled Composites-built spacecraft goes 68 miles straight up. In order to reach space, SpaceShipTwo will be lifted by a first vehicle, WhiteKnightTwo, in a process known as "two stages to suborbit."

Booking a flight to space via a website like Kayak or Virgin Galactic is darned convenient. But for the potential spaceflight participant who wants more information, you might want to consider using Accredited Space Agents, who maintain constant contact with both you and Virgin Galactic. They also undergo specialized training and can answer any questions, from the technical to the logistical, you have about your space vacation.

But no matter which method you choose to book your flight, you'll be guaranteed a vacation that's out of this world.

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