Book of Eli star's secret obsession and other gems (video)

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Who knew Mila Kunis was a fan of Menace II Society? As the star of The Book of Eli says in these exclusive video interviews, it's not like the Ukrainian-born actress is from the 'hood or anything.

But she impressed directors Allen and Albert Hughes with a scene-by-scene, quote-by-quote breakdown of their 1993 film, which she called one of her favorite films, and it's one of the reasons she took the job in the post-apocalyptic action movie, which opens Friday.

That tidbit is just one of the gems unearthed in our interviews with Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman and the Hughes brothers.

For his part, Washington reveals how he did his own thing despite what the directors wanted: "I didn't look at all the storyboards and all of that. ... I told Albert [Hughes] I was going to do what I was going to do anyway."

The brothers also talk about the appeal of apocalyptic movies, because audiences can relate to stories that could actually happen.

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