Boom! brings Brakebills College to comics in new The Magicians: Alice's Story

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Sep 25, 2018, 9:51 AM EDT

SYFY's adult supernatural drama series, The Magicians, has legions of loyal fans all following the magical happenings of Brakebills College For Magical Pedagogy and the strange dangers of its fantasy kingdom of Fillory.

Adapted from the New York Times bestselling trilogy of novels by respected author Lev Grossman, first published starting in 2009, the pop culture phenomenon will begin its highly-anticipated fourth season in 2019. 

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Credit: SYFY

Indie comics publisher Boom! Studios has now acquired the comic book and graphic novel publishing rights to The Magicians, and plans to capitalize on this fresh relationship with a series of tantalizing tie-in projects on the immediate horizon. The first release in this partnership will be an original graphic novel appearing next summer titled, The Magicians: Alice's Story.

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Written by esteemed author Lilah Sturges (Lumberjanes: The Infernal Compass, Jack of Fables), and showcasing interior art by Pius Bak (Night Owl Society), this deluxe hardcover will be set in the mystical realms of Grossman's novels and features a stunning cover by Steve Morris (Buffy The Vampire Slayer).

"The novel centers on the struggles of Quentin as the protagonist, and his emotional quest to find meaning and importance in the world," Sturges explained to SYFY WIRE. "But as I reread the book, I kept focusing on shy, clever, complicated Alice and wondering "What is *she* thinking? What is *she* looking for?" And the more I thought about her the more I wanted to be the one to provide answers to those questions, because I see so much of myself in her."


"Alice is everything a hero should be: she's smart and good-hearted and tortured and incredibly tough and brave," Grossman told SYFY WIRE. "The catch is that she doesn't want to be a hero. She doesn't like the spotlight. She doesn't like to talk about herself. What's so genius about Lilah's work is that she gets Alice to talk, to tell her own story, in her own totally authentic voice. Fans of the show will get Alice's true origin-story, in her own words and in her own voice — things the show never covered. Fans of the books will get to see that story visually for the first time, and from a very new angle — even if you've read The Magicians, you've never read it like this."


Alice's Story puts the spotlight on the mercurial character of Alice Quinn (played by Olivia Dudley in the TV series) and greatly expands the dense mythology of The Magicians. It will be told from Alice's perspective prior to enrolling in the challenging curriculum of Brakebills and her otherworldly discoveries in Fillory. This allows fans to learn untold secrets of Alice’s evolving journey and glean answers to their most pressing questions.

Will you satisfy your curiosity when Boom!'s The Magicians: Alice's Story appears in July of 2019?