The Boomstick is back in groovy first trailer for Ash vs. Evil Dead

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Jul 13, 2015, 5:42 PM EDT (Updated)

Though Star Wars: The Force Awakens took up most of the attention during the last leg of yesterday's San Diego Comic-Con events, it certainly wasn't the only game in town. Starz was also wowing its fans with the first official trailer for Ash vs. Evil Dead, the 10-episode horror series set to return us to Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi's Evil Dead movie universe for the first time (not counting the remake) since Army of Darkness 23 years ago. 

As with all revivals like this, there was skepticism. Will the new series pack the same punch as the old films? Will it remember how to balance horror and comedy? Will Bruce Campbell still be groovy? Will callbacks to the old stuff feel like fun and not like pandering? Well, it's tough to tell until you see the full show, but if this trailer is a true indicator of the final product, Raimi, Campbell and company nailed it.

Many years have passed since Army of Darkness, but Ash is still Ash. He's still driving The Classic, still working a crummy retail job (though this time it's Value Stop, not S-Mart) and living in a trailer. He hasn't faced down a deadite in years, but as the show's tagline says, "evil is always waiting in the shadows," and it was only a matter of time before dark forces came back to finish what they started with Ash. Fortunately, though old age might have slowed him down a bit, Ash is still ready for a fight. 

Check out the trailer:

How about that mid-air chainsaw grab, huh? Ash vs. Evil Dead returns to put a big stupid grin on all our faces on Oct. 31.

(Via Starz)

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