Sane Max and 76 other boring sci-fi, fantasy and horror movies

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Dec 14, 2012

The latest meme to take over Twitter like a tsunami—following up on those "one letter off" movie titles and mashed-up superhero movies—called for users to name the most boring films they could think of. Some people played it straight—naming everything from The Last Airbender to Dances With Wolves—but why so serious?

Check out 77 sci-fi, fantasy and horror movies that needed just a little tweak to make them boring. (And funny.)

And thanks to TheGWT over at Worth1000 for the boring movie poster above!

Normal Activity
Lord of the Onion Rings
From Dark Till Yawn
Stark Trek II: The Quiet Resignation of Khan
The Curious Case of Benjamin's Button
The Day Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow
Raiders of the Linen Closet
X-Men: Third Class
Hot Tub Washing Machine
Edward Stuffedbearhands
Alice in Switzerland
Star Peace
The Sixth Nonsense
Blade Jogger
I, Robert
Blair Bitch Project
I Have an Idea What You Did Last Summer ... Somewhat
A Nightmare on Wall St
The League of Ordinary Gentlemen
Back to the Past
V for Venn Diagram
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Love
Conan the Librarian
Harry Potter and the Really Safe Hallows
The Watchman
Close Encounters of the First Kind
Jurassic Garden
A Clockwork Banana
Men in White
The Day the Earth Kept Rotating
The Not Happening
The Dark Knight Returns Some Library Books
X-Men Origins: The Maternity Ward
Ohio Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
Conan the Civilized
Tea Story
Curling Iron Man
Groundhog Century
Dutch Werewolf in Belgium
The Dot Matrix
Lord of the Ring Pops
Night of the Living People
I Ain't Legend
Hairy Poppins
2010: A Country Without a Space Progam
Yawn of the Dead
From Heck
Scott Pilgrim vs. This One Guy
Harry Potter & The Goblet of Water
The iPad of Eli
Bill & Ted's Mediocre Adventure
Alien vs. Creditor
Tron: Latency
Bore of the Worlds
The Bulk
The Midwich Cuckoo Clocks
The Last Ice Blender
Postcards of the Caribbean
Star Wars: Return of the Library Book
The Hills Don't Have Eyes, They Are Just Hills
The Empire Strikes
Star Trek III: The Search for—Oh, There He Is, Found Him!
Nightmare on Sesame Street
Harry and the Pot Head
Coastguards of the Caribbean
Indiana Jones and the Irritable Bowl Syndrome
Friday 12th
Children of the Cornflakes
The Purse of Frankenstein
Pron: Legacy
Sashes of the Titans
Found Nemo
My Stepmother Is Not an Alien
Terminator: Starvation

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