Bow ties are still cool (but monks are not) in 3 new Doctor Who clips

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Mar 27, 2013, 3:58 PM EDT (Updated)

The Doctor tells us bow ties are still cool ... but being a monk is definitely not.

That’s what we learned in three brand-new Doctor Who clips from the upcoming season seven returning episode “The Bells of Saint John.” (Plus there's this über cool promo pic above.)

The first two clips are snippets from the episode itself—with the first one featuring Matt Smith dressed as a monk. (Which reminded us of the Doctor’s fellow Time Lord the Meddling Monk for some reason. Must be the monk robes.) Let’s just say our beloved Mad Man in the Big Blue Box is not overly fond of the garment.

The second clip lets you meet a certain evil character named Miss Kizlet.

The third clip has Jenna-Louise Coleman and Matt Smith introducing the episode.

Annnd we just can’t wait.

Doctor Who finally returns this Saturday. Geronimo!

(via Doctor Who TV and BBC Doctor Who)

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