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Box Office: The Rock's Rampage roars over Krasinski's A Quiet Place

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Apr 15, 2018, 9:46 PM EDT (Updated)

Causing a bit of property damage, Dwayne Johnson's Rampage looks like it will climb its way to the top of the box office and smash it into submission. According to outlets like Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Brothers's monster mash will take in an estimated $34.5 million domestically from 4,101 theaters by the end of the weekend. Directed by Brad Peyton (San Andreas), the latest video game adaptation smashed up a cool $11.5 million during its Friday debut.

Based on Brian Colin's '80s-created game of the same name, Rampage stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Davis Okoye, a primatologist who must stop his friend (an albino gorilla named George) from wreaking a bunch of havoc when a shady company's genetics-based project begins altering the DNA of three animals from around the country, turning them into massive weapons of mass destruction. Early reactions to the movie certainly weren't praising it as the next Citizen Kane, but the combination of Johnson's charisma and all-out monster mayhem were enough to give the movie a fighting chance.

The actor's power to bring home the bacon was evidenced just fourth months ago when Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle held the top spot at the box office for an insane amount of time, reaching a record not seen since Titanic, racking up over $950 million in worldwide ticket sales and becoming the highest-grossing Sony film in the studio's history.

A Quiet Place has been shifted down to second at the box office for its second week. John Krasinski's directorial debut took in around $10.5 million (via Box Office Mojo), on course to make a total of $32.9 million from 3,589 domestic theaters by the end of the weekend. Paramount's silent scare-fest has now passed $100 million at the domestic box office, although it's already done so globally, with a current total of $103.2 million. With an estimated $17 million to make A Quiet Place, Krasinski's foray into horror is certainly paying off and then some for the studio.

Meanwhile, Blumhouse has gotten another modest hit on its hands with Truth or Dare, a horror take on the classic teenage sleepover game. The Jeff Wadlow-helmed feature (Wadlow is known for movies like Kick-Ass 2), Truth or Dare scared up $8.2 million at the domestic box office on Friday, with estimates placing its final weekend haul at around $19.3 million. Not a bad haul in the slightest when you consider the movie only cost $3.5 million to make.

“We’re really considering this an outstanding debut considering the competitive landscape,” Jim Orr, head of domestic distribution at Universal, told Variety. “For original horror, Blumhouse has defined the genre for many years. They built a model that is just terrific.”

Finally, Spielberg continues to bring in a few coins, with Ready Player One taking the fourth spot at the box office this weekend with an expected total of $11 million. This isn't great, as the love letter to pop culture has been declining steadily since its worldwide release on March 30, just two weeks ago. Still, it's cracked (the easter egg of) $100 million domestically and $400 million worldwide.