A boy and his space dog will break your heart in this moving short

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Apr 17, 2013

If you can make it through this stunningly gorgeous animated short without weeping, congratulations -- you are a robot. 

Spacebound is a thesis project made at SVA by Kyle Moy and Ellen Su. What's the crux of this outer-space tale? In the creators' own words:

When Death’s door is only a few breaths away, how would you choose to spend your last moments? A young boy and his dog is stranded in space and running out of oxygen. This is a story not about the end, but about the journey one takes to get there.

Yeah, it's that kind of story. We don't know what to say other than have a hanky handy.

Anyone who can make something this beautiful and this sad has a bright future ahead of them with Pixar. Just sayin'.

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