Brad Pitt's Plan B scores Stephen King's teleportation tale The Jaunt

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Jan 21, 2016, 5:29 PM EST (Updated)

Brad Pitt's Plan B production company has dipped back into the genre well and snagged adaptation rights to Stephen King's teleportation story "The Jaunt," for Mama director Andy Muschietti.

Pitt is heavily committed to a pair of other high-profile sci-fi and horror projects with his command of World War Z 2 and a feature film deal to bring Scott Snyder's eerie Wytches comic-book series to life.  This new addition to their slate dates back to 1981, when The Jaunt was first published in The Twilight Zone Magazine; it was later collected in King's 1985 anthology, Skeleton Crew.   

The Jaunt is a 24th-century tale that follows a family about to embark on a voyage to Mars using a crude teleportation technique called "Jaunting."  The hazardous travel method requires anesthesia, and there are strict rules to follow to prevent ... something ... happening during transit. It's a creepy and disturbing tale, for sure, although questions remain as to how it can be stretched to feature length.   No casting info has been announced, but this seems like worthy sci-fi material for Pitt's Plan B and Muschietti to explore.  

Where does "The Jaunt" fall for you in Stephen King's catalog of weird and wonderful work?

(Via Dread Central)