Bradley Cooper's Limitless may be coming to TV

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Nov 4, 2014, 12:53 PM EST

The 2011 movie Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper, may be making the jump to TV.

According to Variety, CBS has given the go-ahead to produce a pilot based on the movie, in which Cooper played a man who achieves incredibe mental powers through the use of  a mysterious new drug.

Cooper actually got his start in TV but, being a big movie star now, is not likely to reprise his role on either the pilot or the proposed series. But he is listed as an executive producer on the TV version, along with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci -- yes, those guys again -- and several others, including the original movie's director, Neil Burger, who is on board to direct the pilot.

The series will start where the movie ended, with the main character, Eddie, expanding his powers while at the same time possibly weaning himself off the drug, which is called NZT.

Will Eddie become a sort of psychic superhero? Will he run for president, as it was hinted at the end of the movie? We have no idea, but with Limitless the latest movie to get a TV adaptation (more than two dozen are supposedly on the way), we may soon find out.

Did you see Limitless? Did you like it? Do you think there's enough material there for a TV show?