Brandon Sanderson's massive Cosmere fantasy universe coming to the big screen

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Oct 28, 2016, 3:27 PM EDT

Fantasy fans, rejoice! Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere books will be coming to a big screen near you as the newest shared cinematic universe.

According to Variety, DMG Entertainment has snatched the movie rights to the best-selling fantasy author’s work, a series of “interconnected fantasy novels.” Basically, the Cosmere books (a mix of fantasy and sci-fi) are all united by a shared universe, but they’re not exactly one series that follows one particular story and/or characters across one time period. There are MANY. It should be very interesting to see how the heck they will adapt the books (some of them are huge bricks) for the big screen, and which ones they’ll end up using (well, we actually know of two so far).

They also didn’t waste any time in getting the ball rolling. No siree. DMG has already tapped Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan (the dynamic duo who wrote the Saw films) to adapt the first book in Sanderson's The Stormlight Archive series, The Way of Kings. We’re also being told that the movie has been put on the fast track. DMG will also be working on adapting the first book in the Mistborn series, titled The Final Empire, but haven't locked onto a screenwriter yet. Yup, DMG means serious business.

Here's what Sanderson, who will also serve as executive producer on the film, said about the deal:

“The people at DMG aren’t just producers or financiers. They’re fans,” Sanderson said in a statement. “From the first moment we met, I knew they understood my vision and goals for the Cosmere, and I’ve been excited to work with them in bringing their vision for the universe to the screen.”

What do you think of Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere universe coming to the big screen?

(via Variety)