Brannon Braga: 'We were going to put Capt. Kirk on Enterprise'

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Dec 17, 2012

Did you guys know that Capt. James T. Kirk, played by William Shatner, almost made it on Star Trek: Enterprise? Yep! He almost did—and Brannon Braga explains the whys and why nots of it all.

In a lengthy interview with Comic Book Resources, writer, producer and creator on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise Brannon Braga—who is, by the way, currently writing the four-part issue Star Trek: The Next Generation: Hive for IDW publishing—talked about a bunch of fascinating things.

But none were as fascinating as the fact that there were plans to bring Capt. James T. Kirk (William Shatner) on Star Trek: Enterprise (which ran from 2001 to 2005) back when the show was still on the air.

Here's what Braga told CBR when he was asked about character crossovers in the Star Trek Universe:

The only crossover that was exciting was there was a brief time when we were going to put Captain Kirk on Enterprise, and we even met with William Shatner, but it just never happened. We had some story concocted about why Kirk was there and how he got there. I don't remember. I think Shatner had a pitch. It was actually going to be a pretty cool two-part episode. I don't know exactly what happened. It might have been that we couldn't make a deal with Shatner or something like that.

Boy! Do we wish we had more details about the ''pretty cool two-part episode,'' but we guess we'll never know what the story would have been about. Unless a certain someone comes forward with the specific info?

But we did get some pretty good crossovers of sorts on Enterprise, especially when the always awesome Brent Spiner came on board to play Dr. Arik Soong—Data's ''ancestor''—in a couple of episodes in the excellent Augments storyline from season four, and we also got that Star Trek: The Next Generation crossover in the much-maligned Enterprise series finale ''These Are the Voyages ... ''

Still, don't you think having the Shat back as Capt. Kirk on Enterprise would have been pretty darn awesome?

(via Comic Book Resources)

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