Brave this bounty of 27 beautiful and bizarre antique Halloween postcards

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Oct 31, 2014, 11:36 AM EDT

We live in a pretty informal society these days, one in which nobody sends thank-you notes or postcards anymore.  But back in the day it was expected to receive thoughtful correspondence on fine stationery and deluxe paper around the holidays, and Halloween was the perfect time to reconnect with lost loves or distant relatives.  Nowadays we feel all warm and fuzzy inside if we even get a generic birthday text!   

In a nod to more mannerly times, check out this kooky collection of antique postcards, greeting cards and invitations celebrating the most haunted month of the year.  The talented group of long-forgotten artists and writers who created these whimsical wonders captured the eerie essences of Halloween to perfection.  Some of these iconic images are etched in our superstitious brains as the artful epitome of a festive All Hallows Eve.  We're not sure exactly what strange shenanigans these odd imps, crimson devils, leering moons and prancing pumpkin-people are causing, but rest assured it's all in the spirit of the season.  Have a look back, and Happy Halloween!