Breaking down the Marvel Legacy #1 surprise returns and teases for the future

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Sep 27, 2017, 8:15 PM EDT

Spoilers ahead for Marvel Legacy #1, in stores today Sept. 27.

Marvel Legacy #1 has been hyped for months as the start of the next chapter of the Marvel Comics universe. After a couple of months of pseudo tie-in prequels in the Generations series of one-shots, the main event has finally arrived, and oh boy did it pay off the hype. There were major returns, setups for the future, and looks into the past. The "Legacy" of Jack Kirby was particularly on display in this, his 100th anniversary year, and there seems to genuinely be something for everyone. What did we love? What's exciting? Jason Aaron, Esad Ribic, Steve McNiven, and Matthew Wilson, plus thirteen other incredible artists gave us a lot to look forward to from Marvel.

Read on, but beware of major SPOILERS from here on out!


Avengers 1,000,000 BC

As revealed in previous teasers, the Avengers of 1,000,000 BC look to be more important to the future of the Marvel Universe than the past. They reveal to us that the entire Marvel Universe is driven by certain primal forces:
Odin (wielding Thor's eventual hammer Mjolnir and the Odinforce)

Phoenix (looking suspiciously like Jean Grey for a character existing a million, 2 thousand years or so before she was born)

Black Panther

Starbrand (in an angry primitive human, interestingly)

Iron Fist

Agamotto (the first Sorcerer Supreme)

and Ghost Rider (whose Mammoth was dead before we got to see it on fire, which sucks).

Together, they fought an angry Celestial, which we'll get back to later.


The mysterious 4-1939 box

The mystery box in SHIELD storage that Loki is after is labeled 4-1939. Marvel Comics #1 came out in 1939, promising "Action! Mystery! Adventure!"

Of course, the eventually revealed contents of that box are way more important than a fun Easter Egg calling back to Marvel's origins.


Mangog is coming

As noted in the exclusive Mighty Thor #700 preview, Mangog is coming, and that means bad things for the gods of Asgardia. Things are so bad that the seer that sees this particular future killed himself rather than face it.

Mangog was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the pages of Thor #154, a being made of pure hate. His entire goal is to draw the Odinsword, ending the universe. Thor once used the Odinforce to erase him from existence, but it didn't stick. In this story, he'll likely be the payoff of "the Ultimate Judgement" foretold in recent Thor comics.


The modern day Icons are having dreams

Iron Fist and Doctor Strange mention having dreams. Starbrand and Ghost Rider are drawn to a mysterious location, where Ghost Rider is suddenly much more powerful, using a Penance Stare for the first time. 


What's wrong at Avengers Mansion?

Jarvis senses there's something wrong at Avengers Mansion. Some "insignificant detail is just... wrong"

Well, the Avengers statue has changed. Previously, Wasp was on the hand of Giant Man. Now, there's a full-size human woman to the right of Cap and Thor instead. What does this change mean? Can't wait to find out.


"The Final Host"

The Celestial that was injured and buried by the Million BC Avengers is awake, free, and wants to summon "the final Host." In Marvel Comics, the Celestials have visited Earth in four "Hosts," each time either tinkering with humanity or judging it in some way. The Fourth Host was battled back and deemed humanity worthy of survival, but a potential fifth and final host that seeks to "cleanse them all" sounds bad. It looks like the modern day icons will have to unite to prevent this.


Holy crap, Wolverine is alive again!

Wolverine, who died in 2014, is back among the land of the living. How does he first show up? In a dang beer truck, of course. He kills a (small) Frost Giant working for Loki, and the young Jean Grey sees his Adamantium encasing torn open. Then it gets even better...


An Infinity Stone

The item in 4-1939 was an Infinity Stone - yes, they're calling them stones a la the MCU now instead of gems like they used to be in the comics; gotta keep up with the times, y'all. It's the blue one, and if it is still linked to how they used to be coded, that means it's the Mind stone. Why does Wolverine want it? Is he going to do something with it?

Meanwhile, Gamora is looking for other Infinity Stones, and says this latest is "another" that's been found, so there are others out there, already in the custody of other characters.


And finally, our narrator!

The narrator telling this whole story, who somehow has knowledge of every one of these characters and what's going on with them, and is questioning her own legacy is... 

Valeria Richards, the child of Mister Fantastic and Sue Storm, who is out with her brother Franklin, exploring new universes on behalf of their dad. Yes, the Fantastic Four at least has the potential to be back, and they're imagining their way home.