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Breaking down the most important parts of the second Avengers: Infinity War trailer

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Nov 11, 2019, 1:51 PM EST (Updated)

The gang's all here! The second trailer for Avengers: Infinity War is a jam-packed party of quick-quipping superheroes and a little bit more context for what we already knew about the film.

While we know you're just excited to see Star-Lord sass Iron Man about his world-saving plan, Thor impress the Guardians of the Galaxy with his godly powers, and Captain America team up with Black Panther (we are, too), there's just too much to unpack here. Now that we're all done screaming senselessly about how cool that was, let's break it all down.

But first, let's watch it:

It seems that the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and various unaffiliated heroes will meet up together in smaller groups before converging in Wakanda for the final battle against Thanos the Mad Titan and his allies. It's a fitting place for the final battle, considering how much Black Panther changed the MCU. The beginning of the end of the MCU as we know it should go down in Black Panther's home country.

Infinity War, gamora and thanos

Credit: Marvel Studios

We'll learn more about Gamora and Thanos' relationship

The trailer opens with Gamora telling Tony Stark what's what about Thanos. It's been Thanos' goal to destroy half the universe for as long as Gamora's known him — meaning her entire life. We get a kind of weirdly heartbreaking shot of what we can assume is a young Gamora going to stay with Thanos. The little green hand grasping at Thanos' finger and the small figure walking down a path of guards beside him is most likely a young Gamora. We know from the Guardians of the Galaxy films that Gamora and Nebula were forced into combat with one another throughout their lives, though, so this tender moment probably didn't last that long.

Infinity War, Vision

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The Infinity Stones are bait

"We've got one advantage," Tony says. "He's coming to us. We have what Thanos wants, so that's what we use." After gathering the team together to defend the remainder of the Infinity Stones from Thanos, they'll head to Wakanda.

That brings us to…

Infinity War

Credit: Marvel Studios

Steve Rogers and Tony Stark will put aside their differences early on

At the end of Captain America: Civil War, Steve Rogers reached out to Tony Stark via letter to let him know that he'd always be there for him and said to just call him if he ever needed help. Well, Thanos wanting to destroy the universe seems like a good thing to call about.

When Steve and the gang land in Wakanda and greet T'Challa on the landing pad, you can make out Rhodey in the background, standing between Steve and Natasha Romanoff. Rhodey was very firmly on Team Iron Man in Civil War. But putting aside your differences when the Mad Titan is barreling toward your planet seems like a smart move.

Infinity War

Credit: Marvel Studios

Bruce Banner can still be Bruce Banner

In Thor: Ragnarok, Bruce expressed concern that if he became the Hulk again, he'd never be able to come back as Bruce Banner. We already saw him once in the first trailer, but it's nice to have some reassurance again. Oh, and Bruce and Natasha Romanoff will be reunited for better or worse. Hi Bruce!

Infinity War, Spider-Man

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Peter Parker has zero chill

Peter, everyone can see you hanging off the side of the school bus! You put on the Spider-Man mask while hanging off the side of the bus! What are you doing?

Infinity War, Shuri and Vision

Credit: Marvel Studios

Shuri will figure out a way to remove the Mind Stone from Vision's head

The first trailer for Infinity War showed a rather Paul Bettany-looking Vision sans red skin and Mind Stone. A shot of Princess Shuri doing her science thing with Vision lying in front of her on a flat surface really seems to hint at Shuri figuring out a way to separate Vision and the Mind Stone. Not sure how that's going to work, since all of Vision's powers and life come from the Mind Stone… but if anyone can figure out how to do it, it's Shuri.

Where is the Soul Stone?

No clue. I've been saying it's in Wakanda for years now. Why else would the gang gather in Wakanda for their final stand against Thanos? Sure, Wakanda is probably the most fortified place on the planet and filled to the brim with skilled warriors who can help in the battle, but if Thanos is looking for the Infinity Stones, it makes sense he'd go to the place where they're all converging.

Doctor Strange has the Time Stone in the Eye of Agamotto; Vision is wearing the Mind Stone on his forehead; Loki stole the Tesseract, aka the Space Stone, at the end of Thor: Ragnarok, and we see Thanos take it from him in this new trailer. The two known Stones that haven't been anywhere near Earth pre-Infinity War will probably already be in Thanos' grasp before he reaches Earth. The Reality Stone (aka the Aether) is supposedly still in the Collector's vault, and the Power Stone is being guarded by the Nova Corp, but there would be no point in Thanos coming to Earth to destroy everything and then having to leave again to go get the other two Stones.

The only missing link is the Soul Stone. We've never seen it in the MCU. But it feels very likely that it's hiding in Wakanda.

Avengers: Infinity War premieres in theaters on April 27.

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