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Breaking down the most important parts of the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer

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Dec 8, 2019, 5:07 PM EST

We at SYFY WIRE FANGRRLS — and, well, really, the internet at large — have been anxiously awaiting the return of Princess Diana of Themyscira, first of her name, breaker of men, lasso-er of truths, to the silver screen in her sophomore outing, Wonder Woman 1984, since the rumors of a sequel began swirling back in 2017 after the first movie was released.

We might still be a few more months away from the film's June 2020 release date, but now, at long last, we have our first official trailer, which dropped online shortly after debuting at Brazil's CCXP to close out the convention.

So, before we dive into the what and where and when and Diana, YAS of it all, let's watch that glorious trailer one more time first.

There's SO much to unpack here. From the recognizable (and catchy) '80s beat from New Order's "Blue Monday," we're instantly transported to 1984, where Diana has been living a relatively solitary existence in the years since the first Wonder Woman movie. According to star Gal Gadot, Diana's lost many of her old friends in that time, but it looks like she's starting to make a few new ones, including ...

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Before the trailer first dropped, fellow FANGRRL Sara Century theorized several ways that Diana and Barbara Minerva (played by Kristen Wiig) could potentially meet up in WW 1984. Based on their initial (albeit brief) interaction, it looks like they could be taking a page out of Wonder Woman: Rebirth, where Barbara is actually a much more sympathetic character who befriends Diana first before accidentally stumbling into a ritual that grants her the ancient powers of the Cheetah.

It certainly appears that Barbara and Diana are on pretty friendly terms, at least at the start of the film, and we're excited to see how their friendship differs from that of Diana's with her bestie Etta Candy from the first Wonder Woman movie. (At the very least, Diana definitely could use a friend who cracks a joke or two to make her smile, even while she's opening up about long-ago lost loves.)

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Judging from the trailer, Diana's been holding on to certain keepsakes from her former lover Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), and seems to have even made a few trips to Steve's family ranch based on a brief shot of a flannel-clad Diana standing in front of a mountain backdrop. But theories about how Steve could even make a second appearance in this movie, after seemingly dying in the first Wonder Woman film, have been swirling since his return was first confirmed. (We even posited a few of our own here on SYFY WIRE FANGRRLS.)

According to a voiceover from powerful businessman Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal), the '80s are a time of possibility. "Think about finally having everything you always wanted," he says, as Diana longingly takes in the sight of an airplane flying overhead — no doubt thinking back to Steve's supposed last moments in an older aircraft. And then we get a shot of Steve's old watch moving all on its own. Could Diana somehow have willed Steve Trevor back into existence? It sure looks like it.

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Of course, shortly after Lord's powerful speech filled with lots of buzzwords and empty platitudes about success and making the most of a new age, we soon find out that he's making his own sinister plan behind the scenes. Looking a little more frazzled than he was in that commercial, Lord pulls out a mysterious gem, perhaps the very thing that's enabled him to grant so many hopes and wishes — but at a cost. "Now," he says, "I take what I want in return."

Clearly, if Diana gets Steve Trevor back, it won't be without some kind of evil consequence, and it looks like that's going to ensure her path crosses with Lord's sooner rather than later. Many of the film's scenes look to take place in the nation's capital of Washington, D.C. Could Lord be using his power to manipulate government officials as well as unsuspecting citizens?

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Of course, you can't maybe-accidentally bring Steve Trevor into the future and not give him the chance to fly a plane, especially when technology has been given such an upgrade these days (or, well, at least by '80s standards). What's doubly intriguing, though, is the fact that Steve and Diana appear to be flying amid a fireworks display, and thanks to the shots we've already glimpsed of D.C., is it possible that they're getting an up-close-and-personal look at the annual Fourth of July extravaganza? Moreover, they'd probably get a leetle bit in trouble for flying so low, and since we haven't seen Diana's invisible jet yet ... maybe they're being a little sneaky about it, too.

Either way, we're really looking forward to Diana reintroducing Steve to the '80s, maybe even "A Whole New World"-ing it with him. They've got a lot of time to catch up on.

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When Diana decided to leave the island of her birth back in Wonder Woman and set sail for Man's World, she did so knowing there was a possibility that she could never return.

Diana likely won't be reuniting with her Amazon sisters anytime soon — or at least, within the decade that Wonder Woman 1984 takes place — but it seems like we're going to get the benefit of a couple of flashbacks to baby Diana growing up on Paradise Island as a young princess, not to mention what appears to be some Amazonian version of a sporting event? Basically, anything that takes us back to the amazing world where all these women compete to see who's the most badass is something that we're automatically here for.

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We've already witnessed the glory of Diana's new golden get-up thanks to one of the film's official posters, with Wonder Woman herself posing in front of a backdrop that manages to evoke both Lisa Frank and those famous Magic Eye patterns we were all obsessed with once upon a time. Now we're seeing it in action, and not only does that beaut of a suit come with a matching helmet, there are also WING EXTENSIONS?! This is giving us major Hermes vibes, and given that we also see Diana lasso-swinging from a bolt of lightning at one point in the trailer, we can't help but wonder if this movie is really going to lean into her Zeus-born origins. (Eagle-eyed fans might also recognize a very strong resemblance between this armor and the suit the character wears in the iconic Kingdom Come comic miniseries.)

Chances are this lewk won't be popping up until the very end of the film — because every superhero needs a new suit for the final confrontation, obviously — but even this brief tease is making us hella stoked for everything that's to come when Wonder Woman 1984 finally premieres next year.

Wonder Woman 1984 is scheduled for release in theaters on June 5, 2020.

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