BREAKING: Obama to pick a physicist for science advisor

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Dec 18, 2008

From fellow Hive Overmind blogger Melissa Lafsky and Science magazine comes the news that Obama may be picking physicist John Holdren as his science advisor!

I'll let you read those links for the details. But here's my opinion: Awe. Some. Holdren has some pretty good credentials, including on climate change. That last bit allows me to say, with all the schadenfreude you care to assign to me, that I hope this makes global warming deniers cry into their oil stock portfolios.

It fills me to overflowing with warm fuzzies to hear all this news from Obama's organization (well, not all of it...). It'll be nice to have someone in the White House who is not an anti-intellectual, anti-science, anti-reality thug. Very nice indeed.

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