BREAKING: SpaceX to launch Falcon 1 (maybe) at 4:45 Pacific time

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Mar 19, 2007

Update (4:48 Pacific time) The launch was scrubbed. I'm not sure why, and the new target launch date/time but when I find out I'll post more.

I dropped by the SpaceX site to see what's what, and as I write this they are planning to launch the Falcon 1 at

4:00 4:45 Pacific time! They also have a link to the live webcast of the launch on their front page, and something weird is going on though: it says the time is T+29 minutes (or possibly seconds; the countdown clock units are not labeled), yet the rocket is sitting right there on the pad. It looks windy, too, so they may have to postpone. Stay Tuned! Update: I complained to my sooper sekrit source inside SpaceX, and the clock is now working. T-18 minutes as I write this!

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