Breathtaking clip lets you ride along with Space X’s emergency abort test

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May 26, 2015, 2:32 PM EDT (Updated)

The folks at private space firm Space X successfully executed a major test earlier this month, and now we can actually tag along on the capsule to see it in action.

Focused on a potential emergency abort scenario, the May 6 test basically fired the company’s cutting-edge Dragon capsule (which will soon be used to ship U.S. astronauts to the International Space Station) up and aborted the launch to simulate a catastrophic failure. The test went off without a hitch, separating the crew capsule and landing it away from a potential explosion.

The crew capsule is sporting eight side-mounted SuperDraco engines capable of producing 120,000 pounds of axial thrust. The engines are also what would be used to land the capsule (you know, on like the moon or Mars), so it’s a nice example of economy of space as well.

During the test, the Dragon traveled from 0 to 100 mph in 1.2 seconds, reaching a max velocity of 345 mph. Because the folks at Space X like space porn almost as much as we do, they strapped a camera to the side to show what the test looked like from the view of the crew capsule itself.

Check out the insanely cool footage below and let us know what you think:

(Via Popular Science)