Brent Spiner reveals the worst TNG actor he ever worked with

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Jun 18, 2014

Data may not have had an emotion chip installed and running properly during TNG's seven-season run, but that doesn't mean he can't spot a bad actor when he sees one. 

There's another TNG Blu-ray coming out on June 24. You know what that means? New content! And this time it's coming in the form of Brent "Data" Spiner cutting one of his co-stars to the quick. So who is it? Patrick Stewart? LeVar Burton? Jonathan Frakes? Oh, I bet it's Frakes.

Let's find out.

Well, I was close. Frakes does have a furry face, much like a cat. But, genuinely, it is not easy to wrangle animals. There's a reason that the saying goes "Never work with children or animals."

(via Uproxx)

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