Casting: Brent Spiner to recur on Supergirl; Jamie-Lynn Sigler scares up horror film gig

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Aug 1, 2018, 1:00 PM EDT

Data joins the cast of Supergirl, Meadow Soprano stars in a horror film, and the second season of Midnight, Texas gets one more guest star on this edition of casting roundup.

First up, fans of both Star Trek: The Next Generation and Supergirl, rejoice! Brent Spiner, aka Data from Star Trek: TNG (how could you not know who he is!), will be playing a recurring role on Supergirl. That’s right: Spiner will play Vice President Baker, whom the producers describe as an adept and politically minded albeit unlikely leader who steps up in a big way when his country needs him most. 

Season 4 of Supergirl premieres on Sunday, Oct. 14, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.


Next, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, erstwhile star of The Sopranos, is set to appear in the upcoming horror film Hunting Season, Deadline is reporting.

Sigler, who starred as Meadow Soprano on the hit HBO series, will play Abby, a social worker in the Megan Freels Johnston-directed thriller. She will act alongside Deanna Russo (Being Human), who plays Piper, Abby’s roommate who’s being hunted by the ultra-elite. We can explain. 

When Piper goes away for a romantic weekend in a hunting lodge with her new boyfriend James, (Sean Maher of Firefly fame), things don’t go according to plan. Piper soon learns she’s being hunted down, not by a deranged killer in the woods but by the 1%. You see, Bruce Davidson (X-Men, Insidious) plays James’ father, a wealthy “hunter” who wants to hunt something beyond big game. Yeah, you see where this is going. So, Abby must track down her roommate before James’ father tracks her down first.

Freels Johnston’s Look At Me Films is producing. Filming is scheduled to begin this fall.


And finally, TVLine has revealed that Trace Lysette will guest-star on Season 2 of Midnight, Texas. The Transparent actress will play Celeste, a dark witch bearing huge news for the town’s resident good witch.

Celeste will arrive on Fiji’s doorstep in Episode 5 to deliver a huge announcement. What's the announcement? Guess we’re going to have to tune in to find out. (Those sneaky little devils.)

Midnight, Texas is based on a series of books by Charlaine Harris, author of the literary saga behind the HBO show True Blood. Midnight is a haven for anyone and everyone looking to hide from the outside world. So, witches. It’s a haven for witches.

Lysette joins three other recently announced guest stars for Season 2: Nestor Carbonell (Bates Motel, Lost) and Jaime Ray Newman (The Magicians), who will play New Age hoteliers, and Josh Kelly (UnREAL), who will play a demon hunter.