Brian Bendis decided to write Superman comics for DC after a trip to the library

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Apr 16, 2018, 5:10 PM EDT (Updated)

Brian Michael Bendis makes his DC Comics debut this Wednesday (April 18) with a Superman story in Action Comics #1000 and artwork by Jim Lee. This is just an appetizer for Bendis' takeover of the Man of Steel title for the publisher, something he's voiced his excitement about on several occasions due to the fact that like the character's creators Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, Bendis is also a Jewish kid from Cleveland, Ohio. 

While speaking to The New York Times about his new comic book endeavours at DC, including his imprint of Jinxworld, the writer revealed the moment that he decided to work on Superman. It's only fitting that the moment of truth (justice and the American way) occured in a library in Cleveland. While home for the wedding of his brother Jared, Bendis came upon an exhibition all about the Man of Steel, titled "Superman: From Cleveland to Krypton." Seeing such an impressive collection of the superhero's appearances in comics, television, film, and radio, he realized that this would be the next chapter of his career. 

“O.K., God,” Bendis said to himself, almost as if a burning bush had just spoken to him. “I get it. Do Superman.”

Indeed, his ethnicity as a Jew will play into his take on the character, Bendis said while answering a fan's question at C2E2. After all, Superman was created by two Jewish guys and several elements of his persona were derived from Judaism, its language, and traditions. Superman's birth name, for instance, Kal-El, is actually Hebrew for "Light of God." Bendis joked that Clark would be receiving a Bris Milah (a ritual circumcision); let's just hope the recovery time doesn't take too long. 

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