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Brian Michael Bendis debuts two new Jinxworld titles at ECCC 2018

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Mar 2, 2018, 8:10 PM EST

Just because Brian Michael Bendis has moved over to DC Comics, it doesn't mean that he'll stop publishing under his Jinxworld imprint. DC Comics is announcing today that Bendis is planning to add two new titles to the imprint's lineup. Bendis himself helped debut the titles today at Emerald City Comic Con, where he referred to Jinxworld and DC's burgeoning relationship as a “genuine partnership.”

The first title is Pearl, which will have Bendis working with artist and co-creator Michael Gaydos for the first time since the two of them created Jessica Jones. Pearl is described by DC as "a story about finding out and embracing who you are, not what you were born to be." It is called a "sweeping, epic romance" that will involve warring Yakuza factions in San Francisco. The titular character will be "a very special tattoo artist and accidental assassin whose life is turned upside down when she falls for her counterpart from a rival faction." Can Pearl and her new love escape their situation? You'll have to read the new book to find out, but you won't have to wait too long— Pearl is set to debut this summer.

Jinxworld Pearl Cover

Courtesy of DC Comics

The second new addition, Cover, will have Bendis reuniting with David Mack (Kabuki, Jessica Jones, Powers). Based on a true story, the book will find out what happens when "the intelligence community figures out that the traveling band of social misfits who make comic books are an exact match to the profiles of candidates recruited for intelligence and counterintelligence gathering." The series will find a "well-known" comics artist being recruited and living as a double agent. The title will debut this fall.

Jinxworld cover for cover by Bendis

Courtesy of DC Comics

While debuting the new titles at Emerald City Comic Con, Bendis announced that he was "beyond excited" about them, and about reuniting with Gaydos and Mack as well. The new partnership between DC and Jinxworld also means that several Jinxworld titles will have free #1 issues available for download until March 7, including Powers, Scarlet, United States of Murder Inc., Brilliant, and Takio. According to DC, many of these titles will soon be "relaunched with all new stories."

Whether you're an old pro with Bendis or it's all brand-new to you, now is the perfect time to jump on in. It's also the perfect time to check out our continuing live-streaming coverage from the 2018 Emerald City Comic Con!

(via DC Comics)