Brian Michael Bendis departs Marvel with one heck of a meta Easter egg

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Jan 31, 2018, 2:41 PM EST

Legendary Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis has written for the company for almost two decades, creating Jessica Jones, Quake, Riri Williams, and Miles Morales, among many iconic characters as he led various runs of your favorite comics. Now, as he departs for rival DC, Bendis is leaving his mark on the final issues of his long-running favorites.

The Defenders #9 is the penultimate chapter of Bendis, artist David Marquez, and colorist Justin Ponsor’s series, and the writer puts his team on the page for a final farewell.

Take a look:



That’s the writer, restrained by his two artful creative companions, shouting about a gag that’s been in Bendis’ repertoire since his start: making police station crazies hyper-aware of their comic existence. Yelling about his long stretch at Marvel, then being hauled off, is the perfect tongue-in-cheek capper to the gag. But it’s not just that joke.

There’s also a REAL iteration of that same gag, raising questions about the future while giving a secondary punchline to the metahumor raised on the same page.


No dead universes and no dead jokes. That’s how Bendis will ALMOST leave Marvel, with a single issue of Defenders remaining. So what’s next?

We know that Bendis will have a landmark Superman story in Action Comics #1000, but there are rumors swirling about his involvement with Batman and Plastic Man after his various teases on Tumblr. But of course, Bendis could be mocking his fans just as he mocks himself in his own comics. With a sense of humor like that, no wonder he’s found success writing plenty of wackos.