Brian Michael Bendis on Marvel's 'bold' Guardians of the Galaxy comic revamp

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Jul 20, 2015

Marvel’s entire comic lineup is getting a revamp in the wake of the ongoing Secret Wars event, and here’s our first peek at the new-look Guardians of the Galaxy. We’ll miss you, Star-Lord.

Initial artwork from the All New, All Different universe revealed a very different take on the flagship deep-space team, with Star-Lord’s gear being worn by a mysterious woman and Fantastic Four team member the Thing apparently becoming part of the gang. The comic’s writer, Brian Michael Bendis, has finally opened up to Entertainment Weekly about what fans can expect from this strange new status quo.

As fans had long suspected, that woman rocking Star-Lord’s trademark mask is none other than his (former?) lady love Kitty Pryde, who is helping keep the team together during Peter Quill’s absence. As for who is in charge? That’d be Rocket Raccoon (mostly), who has previously run the team during short stints in the past. As for Peter himself: He’s left the Guardians to become president of his former planet, following his father’s ouster. That was a storyline the comics had been building to before Secret Wars, and it seems we’ll definitely get a payoff.

The full interview is well worth a read, but check out an excerpt below where Bendis talks about the addition of Ben Grimm (aka the Thing) and Kitty Pryde’s new role as Star-Lady:

"I was so excited to try to put Ben on the team because his original goal of his character was to be an astronaut. Being an adventurer and a superhero and all that is really cool, but wouldn’t it be cool to do that all out in space where he wanted to go in the first place? And isn’t it interesting that if Ben Grimm comes out to be part of the Guardians of the Galaxy with all of the experience he has and looking the way he looks, he’s not so much a monster? So what’s that life going to be like for him if he’s kind of labeled, but now he’s in a place where that’s not a problem anymore? The other cool thing is that with Kitty Pryde and Ben Grimm on the team, we have my goal of having a ‘Jews In Space’ book which is what I pitched when I first came to Marvel…

If you follow these characters, they all fit. Venom had a cosmic tint to him, Ben had a very space adventurer tint to him. Even Kitty’s craziest moments in her life have been in space. Also, she likes guys named Peter. It all fits perfectly. But I like taking it all to the next level and not repeating the story we grew up with, but finding new energy and new life for these characters. This book is the perfect place for it. Even though the Marvel Cosmic has been part of Marvel since the Kree/Skull War in the ’60s, it’s still this vast, open territory for new stories and pure imagination. What all the characters want is very noble, and I also think that we live in a world where a lot of people make their own families. There’s the family you have and then they grow up and make their own family out of their friends, and their friends become more than family, and that’s what the Guardians have done."

Benching Peter Quill from the team is definitely a risky move, but as readers who have been following the series can attest, the rest of these characters are more than interesting enough to fill the void. If anything, this will give folks like Kitty, Rocket, Venom, Gamora and the rest of the gang more space to shine.

The first books in the All New, All Different Marvel Universe are set to hit shelves in October, with new releases rolling out over subsequent months. The new-look Guardians will debut in Guardians of the Galaxy #1, though we don't know exactly when it will arrive.

Check out some fresh concept art below and let us know your take on the changes. Is this the right direction for the series?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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