Brian Michael Bendis on the fate of Marvel’s Punisher: End of Days

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Dec 22, 2017, 9:00 PM EST

For Brian Michael Bendis and fans, the past few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster. Bendis’ recent move from Marvel to DC was a pretty earth-splitting piece of news, as was his even more recent revelation of a health scare that temporarily rendered him blind and almost killed him (fortunately, he's home recovering now).

Now Bendis is sharing with fans just what became of Punisher: End of Days, an in-the-works project, which his deal with DC effectively killed — or at least put into deep suspended animation.

Responding on his Tumblr account to a fan’s question about the project, Bendis offered his candid and thoughtful take:

“Nothing came of it because the creators involved like myself, David Mack, Klaus Jansen or Bill [Sienkiewicz] are very busy or had moved on to other companies and we never could really find the right window or the right creators to get it going again,” he said.

But, Bendis added, he’d love to see Punisher: End of Days -- which would have reportedly imagined Frank Castle's last time as the Punisher -- come to fruition by whatever means Marvel, should it choose, might deploy.

“If Marvel decides to continue the project with David and others I completely support that decision,” Bendis wrote. “David had done a lot more groundwork on it [than] I had. I hope they pursue it… if it fits their editorial plans.”

Bendis’ final finished work for Marvel will be the extra-loaded Issue 600 of Iron Man, which — along with Spider-Man 240 and Spider-Men 2 # 5 — he recently described as his “final thesis statements.”

And Bendis tempered the loss of unfinished work like Punisher: End of Days with his optimism about the still-unannounced work that’s in store for him over at DC Comics.

"But the good news is in replace of those are more than a handful of projects far more exciting to me personally," he wrote. "We haven’t even begun to describe to you the shape of the things I’m going to be doing [at] DC and I think a lot of you are going to be pleasantly surprised."

Okay, call us intrigued. What about it, DC fans? Do you have any thoughts about how DC should use Bendis’ talents?