Brian Michael Bendis recovering after major health scare

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Dec 11, 2017, 5:05 PM EST

Marvel legend (and DC Comics legend-to-be) Brian Michael Bendis is thankfully on the mend after a real-life health scare this past week. 

The creator of Jessica Jones, Miles Morales, and countless others took to Twitter on December 9 to share news of what he refers to as "the worst week" of his life. He writes that one week ago he "woke up in intensive care because of a surprise MRSA infection" that rendered him blind for four days. It is with no hyperbole that he writes, "I almost died on Monday." 

The love in the comic community runs deep, though, as Bendis goes on to say that his wife saved his life, and that comics mainstay Matt Fraction didn't leave his side for two days. With a face that was "swelled shut", Bendis continued to receive support from fellow artists and non-artists alike, all of whom were making sure that his family and children were taken care of. 

Thankfully he was able to return home, as recent health changes helped him get out of the hospital as quickly as he could. He writes that he doesn't look good, but that he felt "alive." As for his work, he writes, "Marvel and DC both agreed to let me do my work when I can. I can and need to..." 

Despite having the worst week of his life and a major health scare, Bendis still couldn't contain his excitement over the recent trailer releases for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (featuring his creation, Miles Morales), and Season 2 for Jessica Jones (featuring his creation, Jessica Jones): 

The day after he wrote these tweets, he chimed back in with nothing but gratitude for all of the love and support he had received since writing the tweets. As he himself writes, "I'm really grateful for your support. I'm overwhelmed. Today is better than yesterday." 

We believe that we speak for the entire comic book world when we say that we are relieved that Mr. Bendis is safe and recovering. The realm of comics and competition can get dirty at times, but it is moments like this, when everyone comes together and everything is put into perspective, that show the real love that exists beneath it all. We wish Brian Michael Bendis the speediest recovery.