Brian Michael Bendis reveals details of his new imprint, including return of Wonder Twins

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Oct 6, 2018, 8:25 PM EDT

After announcing the launch of a new creator-driven imprint for DC Comics earlier this week, Superman writer Brian Michael Bendis provided additional details of the line today at New York Comic Con

The Wonder Comics line that Bendis and his wife will curate will focus on young heroes of the DC universe, bringing back several younger characters, reviving an old comic from the 1980s, and introducing a new character with her own title. 

"It's the time where everything is new,” Bendis said of where he's at in his life right now. “It's the time of your first love, your first heartbreak.”

The flagship title, Young Justice, written by Bendis with art by Patrick Gleason, will focus on a superhero team that includes Tim Drake’s Robin, Bart Allen’s Impulse, Conner Kent’s Superboy, and some new characters too, including Ginny Hex, a descendant of Jonah Hex, and Teen Lantern, a young girl from Bolivia with the power of the Green Lanter Corps.

And for those Super Friends fans, Wonder Comics is bringing the Wonder Twins back! Written by Mark Russell and drawn by Stephen Byrne, the alien teen siblings (with their pet alien monkey) are interning at the Hall of Justice, with their power to change forms into water or animal still intact.

Said Bendis: “Mark has found a way to make that very, very weird.” 

The teen siblings also have a psychic link, which is also weird. And gross. 

Up next is Dial H for Hero, written by Sam Humphries with art by Joe Quinones, which revives the comic from the ‘80s with the premise that there’s a phone that, if you dial H-E-R-O on it, you become a hero for 24 hours. Only thing is, you don’t get to pick the power or the identity. 

And finally, there’s the new title, Naomi, written by Bendis and David Walker, with art by Jamal Campbell. It centers on “the only brown-skinned girl in a very white town” in the Pacific Northwest, according to Bendis. When investigating the origins of her adoption, Bendis said she uncovers a “massive secret within the DC Universe.” 

The titles will be released early next year, with Naomi and Young Justice’s first issues coming out in January. Bendis also revealed that a second phase of titles is already being planned. 

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