Brian Michael Bendis teases one more Marvel creation before leaving for DC Comics

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Mar 26, 2021, 6:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Brian Michael Bendis has created some of the most popular modern-day characters in Marvel Comics, and he might have one more surprise up his sleeve before jumping ship for DC Comics.

Bendis took to Twitter to remind fans that he’s still working at Marvel for another month or so, and the guy who created Jessica Jones, Quake, Riri Williams, and Miles Morales might have another original character or two up his sleeve before leaving Earth’s Mightiest Heroes behind for the world of the Justice League. Bendis has been chatting with fans via social media about his creations and legacy at Marvel, and he teased that he might drop “one more toy in the toy box” on his way out.

So what could Bendis be teasing? Who knows, though his work on the current run of Defenders seems like an obvious avenue to drop a new hero. But hey, he works on a lot of Marvel ‘books, so the options are wide open. Regardless, it’ll almost certainly serve as a parting gift to Marvel — because Bendis has one heck of a track record with creating fan favorites.

Where most modern-day creations struggle to catch on, Bendis’ new characters over the past few decades have become hallmarks. Miles Morales is getting his own animated film and is thriving in comics; Jessica Jones has become a hit television series; Quake is the star of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.; and Riri Williams has become a breakout comic favorite just in the past year or so.

Along with his creative guidance, one of the biggest changes at Marvel with his exit will be the loss of Bendis’ voice behind these characters, because for most of them, he’s been the primary writer informing their tone and personality. Marvel will be handing them off to other writers soon, and it represents one of the biggest shifts in the modern era for a whole lot of characters and stories.