Brian Austin Green has some choice words for Terminator haters

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Brian Austin Green has taken his role as badass from the future Derek Reese to heart. He gave an R-rated sound-off to haters of his show, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, at Fox's party for the Television Critics Association winter press tour last week.

Upon his arrival at My House in Hollywood, SCI FI Wire cornered Green about the back nine episodes of the show's second season. He didn't even want to tease episode details. "I'm not a tease," he said in an interview. "I'm just not. I'm either all or nothing. That's how I've always been in life."

Still, once he got talking, he unleashed the F bombs, as anyone who's fought Terminators in the post-apocalyptic future would be prone to do. The following Q&A features edited excerpts of the interview. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles returns with new episodes on Feb. 13 in a new Friday 8 p.m. timeslot.

What did getting the back nine do for the show?

Green: Well, it gave us the opportunity to finish up what we started, which I always like. I hate when at the end of the 12 episodes, something just abruptly ends that you've been watching. So it at least gives us the chance to wrap up to the end of this, which is a great wrap-up. It's a really cool end for season two, and it's a great beginning for season three, if it happens.

So it ends in a cliffhanger, even though there's no guarantee of a third season to resolve it?

Green: Oh, it's so badass. It's so badass. They'll go crazy if it doesn't get picked up, and when we do, because I know we will, people are going to be so f--king psyched for the next season to start. [Series creator] Josh [Friedman] is f--king smart, man. He's got a whole bible ready to go, so his biggest task is just making sure that he has a good start-to-finish with every season, kind of playing the game that way.

Is there a lot more action in the upcoming nine?

Green: There's a lot, yeah. It's cool, though. It's not action just like run-and-gun stuff. The stories are really intense, so there's a lot of work with Derek. A lot of cool locations, a lot of really cool effects, it's a really f--kin' cool back nine.

From the teaser, it looks like we see Kyle again. That must involve Derek, right?

Green: We'll see. Are you still watching every episode?

SCI FI Wire published a love letter to the show, and Derek was a big part of it. Guess you didn't see it?

Green: No. You know what, though? I like it. I would never change what I'm doing based on what somebody says, but for me, it's always nice to know whether a choice I made worked or didn't. I don't care if it didn't. I don't care if somebody says, "I didn't like the last episode, didn't like the way you played that," whatever. Because the fans know a lot about the character also. I've dragged you guys through everything, so I appreciate it. I like good and bad.

Some fans are hating on the recent episodes for a lack of action.

Green: It can't be [all action]. It can't be. I think if it was up to the fans, truly, John Connor would already be John Connor in the future. The show would be, like, four episodes, and they would run out of s--t. You have to build, and you have to have moments where everything has to sit, and you have to think it through. It can't just be f--kin' go-go-go-go-go, because there's just no way we could last. What's funny is that, still to this day, one of the favorite scenes for people I talk to is the scene in the park, John and Derek sitting and watching the two [kids, young Kyle and Derek,] play baseball. That's, like, the least action scene of anything. It's sitting on a f--kin' bench talking, but then they complain there's not enough action, so you can't please everybody. I trust Josh. I hope that at the end of the day the fans will trust Josh, because he's done a really good job so far.