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Brie Larson reveals another look at her Captain Marvel costume while urging people to vote

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Nov 6, 2018, 4:27 PM EST (Updated)

While Captain Marvel isn't due in theaters until March 8 of next year, we've seen relatively little of the hero in action.

Sure, we got a pretty cool poster that hinted at the appearance of her pet Flerken named Chewie, a teaser trailer that set up the origin story of alter ego Carol Danvers, and a couple of still images courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

Now star Brie Larson has taken to Twitter to give another look at her character's costume, all while spreading the message to hit up those voting booths on Election Day.

"Captain Marvote is a bad pun but now that I have your attention please vote tomorrow," Brie wrote in all caps, emphasizing her obviously important message to make your voice heard. Also, Captain Marvote's not, like, the worst pun.

Anyway, the shot of Brie standing at a phone booth (reminder: the film takes place in the 1990s), flanked by "Rock the Vote" posters shows off her green-and-black Captain Marvel outfit. Unlike the EW images, which has her in the classic red, blue, and gold, this is the same color scheme we saw back at the beginning of the year thanks to a couple candid set pics.

It's widely suspected that the inevitable costume change will come as a result of the story. Or it could just be for VFX purposes. We'll find out for sure when Captain Marvel takes theaters by storm next spring.

Regardless, Captain Marvote Marvel's message rings true. If you didn't get a chance to vote early, today is your last chance. If you need some information on where you can vote in your area, click here.

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